Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today I decided it would be more fun to play tourist than to keep being the sad, lost, English girl. So I made a couple of religious pilgrimmages.

The first, and most important was Shakespeare & Co. There's not much to say about that other than that I've now seen a glimpse of heaven on earth and it's tiny and crowded with books up to the ceiling and one day when Walter closes Wayfarer to travel the world as my companion, he and I will spend many happy hours there.

The other was Notre Dame, across the street (I guess most people would say that the bookstore is across the street from Notre Dame, but their priorities are all wrong.) My first thought on walking into Notre Dame was, "now this is a megachurch." My second thought was, "How embarrassing that I even thought of something so, 'whose-birthday-is-it-anyway,' I guess that no matter how far I walk across Europe I will always be a Protestant."

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