Sunday, June 7, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I had my first eclair that wasn't a) from Tim Horton's, b) frozen in a box from Costco. So in other words, I had my first eclair. And it changed my life. They come in chocolate or coffee flavour, and it says a lot about the fairy tale quality of living in Paris that making that decision is sometimes the hardest thing about my day. (Fortunately you can't really make a wrong decision.)

No more.

This morning I discovered the divorcée. It's a chocolate eclair stuck to a coffee eclair. There's extra icing. There's a cheeky name. THERE ARE TWO ECLAIRS IN ONE.

I was a little intimidated at first. It seemed like a pretty big dessert. And then the solution came to me: don't eat the divorcée for dessert. Just eat it for lunch.

Dear Paris: I love you.


  1. Rachel,
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I don't think I have posted before (if I have, I apologize) hubbie and I stayed in Paris for 1 week 3 years ago and we both LOVED it. Reading your posts make us laugh and very nostalgic. One of Ben's favourite things about Paris was the eclair - chocolate, not coffee. :)
    A friend of Julianne's,

  2. Rachel,

    You are amazing. Your father must really love you!


  3. Dear Rachel,
    I learned of your existence from my daughter Siobhan's blog, and am pleased to learn that another relative enjoys the life in France.
    From May to October each year I live in a small village an hour east of Toulouse. The rest of the year I live just north of Seattle, and feel that I have found just what I like -- until I change my mind, of course.
    I would enjoy meeting you, so if it is ever possible for you to come to the South of France, please contact me.
    Glenda Barnhart