Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breakfast at Cartier

Today was just my favourite kind of day in Paris: slept late, then headed out around noon for a long walk followed by a few hours parked in a cafe. It's a good thing that this is my favourite way to spend the day, because it happens to be how I spend just about every day.

I can't get those little yellow arrows out of my mind, so I decided to follow them for awhile just to see where they'd take me through the city. As it turns out, they took me to the window of Cartier and then I have no idea where they went after that because I got distracted by a bunch of pretty shiny things. After staring at a €16,000 bracelet for an embarrassing amount of time, trying to come up with a single person in my life who could buy it for me, I was still drawing a blank. Either I need to cultivate richer friends or simpler tastes.

My trip to Cartier: the anti-Camino.

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