Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not-so-critical pedagogy

I've got a job tutoring English to two little kids after school. They're pretty cute, and it's easy stuff: "hello, how are you?" "what is your name?" etc.

The woman I work for met with me last week to give me a huge pile of resources - colouring books, songs, etc. But by far the best part is a DVD from the BBC meant to teach English. These kids are just learning their very first words of English, and the BBC wants to introduce them to the King, Queen, Princess, Gardener and Servant. Which is practical, because every six year old needs to know how to address the gardener.

In the first 5 minute clip, we learn that the King is strong, the servant clever, the gardener brave. Meanwhile the Queen is fat and the Princess is brave.

Great. Thanks, BBC.

I wonder if my employer would mind too much if I changed the curriculum a bit. Made it a little more hookesian:

The King could point to himself and say "white supremacist capitalist patriarchy."
The Queen could explain health at every size.
The gardener could organize a union.
(The teacher could get fired.)


  1. haha, oh rachel, i really really enjoy you.

  2. Do they have a Waldorf ESL system? That would be amazing.