Thursday, May 7, 2009

My international education

Three nights a week I eat dinner with my hostess. She's a wonderful cook, and it's a great chance to practice my French. She's very patient about speaking slowly and explaining things to me, and I learn a lot from her. She travels a lot and is interested in history and loves to talk about French culture.

Like last night, when she explained that French women "font beaucoup d'attention" to their appearance. Which is obvious. (This is a woman who just turned sixty and whom I've never seen without her high heels. Even around the house on Saturday mornings - 3-inch heels, always.) It's no secret that French women dress well. So what I learned the most from was when she then gave me a hierarchy of how much the women of other countries "font attention."

For the record: Spanish and Italian women know what they're doing, Greek women try but they're not very attractive because their bodies are too compact and English women don't bother but it doesn't matter because they're not very good looking anyway.

I'm learning so much living in France.


  1. Holy shit, dawg. This is live on the hoof cultural information you're receiving directly. Je m'enui de toi, but when you come back and we marry, you'll be able to whisper sweet nothings in my ear in foreign languages. Hot.

  2. I imagine the subject of Canadian women was not even broached.
    How embarassing.