Monday, May 4, 2009

Faking It

I started my French lessons today. The school I'm going to divides its students into four levels, and this morning I had to take a placement test to determine which level I'd fit into.

The girl who had jostled her way in front of me on the steps on my way in was in the second class, so I was determined that I'd make it into the third, even if I had no idea what was going on. So I sat down with the placement test, pretty confident (in spite of my disastrous coffee date last week) that I'd fly through it.

The first page was for Level 1, and I only had to guess on about half of them.

Ah, zut.

So I went into the Level 1 classroom where the teacher was explaining the difference between "ami" and "amie." Zut alors.

I apologized for being late and explained that it was my first day and I'd been busy registering, at which point she pulled me out into the hall and explained that her class was too elementary for me. I showed her my test and told her that I didn't know any of the verb tenses tested you need for the second level, at which point she cut me off saying, "they're easy; you'll learn them," wrenched the test paper out of my hand and circled all the right answers, then marched me to the classroom for Level 3.

I want to bring her with me when I take all of my French tests.

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