Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cheese course afterglow

Three nights a week I eat dinner with my hostess. It's a good chance to practice my French, and I always learn something like which European countries have the most beautiful women, or how much prettier I would be if I wore makeup. But as with most things for me, it really comes down to the food. She cooks me duck confit. She taught me how to eat an artichoke. And most gloriously of all...she never skips the cheese course.

Cheese. Course.

It's a whole course, just for cheese. You get to eat dinner, and then before dessert a plate of cheese comes out.

That up there is the camembert we had last week that was so pretty I just had to take a picture. If you've ever been a victim of my baked brie, you know I tend to forget it's in the oven and it comes out a little more liquid and oozy than I'd intended. That cheese up there? Hasn't been baked a bit. It's just that liquid and oozy and perfect right when you cut into it. That cheese up there? Is illegal in Canada. For real. And that's why I'm never coming home.


  1. Excellent food porn. At least, that's what I call it. :)

    Found you though the expat blog thingy - great fun.

  2. I would run away from home for cheese as well. Had a great cheese experience in Prince Edward County this very day.

  3. Hell-o...I can't even remember HOW I found your blog but I'm so with you with the cheese thing. There's lots I want to see and do travel wise (although I love my little part of eastern Ontario) - going on The Great Cheese Tour of Europe might just be on the top of the list.